MAATS Tech Limited

MAATS Tech is the leading supplier of cable lay and flex lay vessel carousels and deck spread equipment globally. Having supplied over 50 carousel and deck spread and deployment systems since 1987, our experience and knowledge is unsurpassed. Our customers have come to rely on our expertise and bespoke, solutions-oriented capability, and frequently become repeat accounts for us. Our latest contracts have won acclaim and have pushed vessel engineering and capabilities boundaries beyond previous industry limits. Like our customers vessels, our designs are custom designed and result from extensive feedback from customer operators for many years. All of our equipment is 100% mission critical and has a strong reputation for reliability in adverse offshore conditions.

We offer a number of complimentary services which are always required as part of an equipment supply project. These include marine engineering, deck layout engineering, FE Analysis, naval architecture, as well as on-site inspection and equipment upgrade support. All of these services are offered as part of a larger scope as well as a standalone 3rd party offering.

MAATS offer the following services: