2000T Carousel SystemCompleted 2009

The scope of supply included the following:

  • 2000T capacity basket type carousel suitable for product sizes from 80mm to 330mm diameter pipes. The carousel external diameter was 19m and outer wall height, 5m.
  • Design and supply of a grillage as a foundation for the carousel to sit on within the vessel hold.
  • Articulated spooling device fitted underneath the hold roof. The spooling device was designed to also have the capability to handle end terminations.
  • A 15T line pull tensioner to feed the carousel. The tensioner was mounted on a stand and equipped with chutes designed to accommodate the nominated minimum bend radius of the product whilst guiding the product to and from the hold.
  • Carousel control cabin with all round visibility.
  • Design and supply of an electrical drive system.
  • Installation and commissioning of the entire system on the deck of the Normand Installer at the port of installation.

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