30T TensionerCompleted 2013

The 30T Tensioner was first built and installed in 2013 and since then the same design has been used a total of 13 times on 7 different ships.

  1. The Tensioner is the MAATS proven 30t design unit with new features built in from feedback from operators.
  2. The unit is electrically driven, variable speed utilising air cooled frequency converters in stainless steel cabinets mounted below deck.
  3. The tensioner unit has an on-board hydraulic manifold and nitrogen accumulator for ensuring secure handling of product.
  4. The Hydraulic Power Unit is intended to be installed below deck. The tensioner is deck mounted to give a nominal low level firing line.
  5. The Tensioner will be calibrated to work in either direction and have render mode functionality.
  6. The Tensioner will have a set of horizontal and vertical guide rollers at each end. The rollers will be manually adjustable.
  7. It is proposed that the Tensioner will be mounted on a low stand as close to the carousel loading hatch as practical (location depending on deck layout).


Standard Specification*

30t Tensioner

Number of Tracks

2 off, vertically opposed

Lines of contact per product


Minimum product friction

µ = 0.07

Maximum tension (Bi-directional)

30 tonnes

Tractive effort:

6 to 30 tonnes max variable via control panel settings

Minimum tension (Bi-directional)

2 tonnes

Track Contact Length


Track Opening


Tilt frame Mechanics

Structurally self-locking, & counter-balanced hydraulic action.

Tilt Frame clearance for end terminations is 2m, tilted at approx. 30degrees from vertical.

Track squeeze

Hydraulic, with system accumulator

2 tonnes/m min, 45 tonnes/m max

Product Range

Can be configured to safely handle product diameters of 80mm < Ø < 630mm with configurable track-pads. Other ranges can be accommodated with custom pads.

Squeeze Cylinder :

260mm bore 110mm rod 1000mm stroke 2 off

Squeeze accumulator capacity:

20 Litres Nitrogen gas

Counterbalance valve settings:

210 Bar (All Valves USO)

Track Pad Design

Steel-Rubber composite pads, 140 degree handling ‘V’ installed in configurable sets to cater for greater product range

Tensioner track drive

440V, controlled by remotely situated Variable frequency Drive

Track / Product Speed

Variable; -1200m/hr to +1200m/hr


Integral motor encoders

Hydraulic Control

On-board hydraulic manifold cabinet controls squeeze, tilt & upper track levelling

Recommended grade hydraulic oil

ISO VG 32 or 46 depending on environment

Cleanliness Std

N.A.S. 6 [or equivalent] Recommended

Entry / Exit Control

Hand Adjustable Vertical rollers, bi-axial

Secondary Control Unit

Local Control Panel is supplied as default for remedial loading manoeuvres and mounted on tensioner.

Options exist for fully functional remote control units, either with umbilical or radio connection*



Cabin Location and Perspective

To be confirmed by Deck Layout



- The tensioner described above is based on MAATS standard supply. Options exist to accommodate ship requirements e.g. stands, enclosures, remotes, access etc. MAATS Tech Limited reserves the right to change the specification at any time.

- Tensioner is designed to be lifted as a single item in case of demobilisation and / or repositioning, and can be supplied with purpose built lifting rig.

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