HHI 7000T CarouselCompleted 2015

In 2013 MAATS Tech was awarded a contract to design and manufacture a 7000T capacity, under deck carousel for the South Korean shipyard, Hyundai Heavy Industries. The carousel will be installed on the Seven Arctic ship which is intended to be a multi-purpose vessel operated by Subsea 7.

The 7000t carousel is the largest produced by MAATS Tech to date with an outside diameter of 26.2m. Due to this upgrade in size, other components have had to be carefully designed to accommodate this which has resulted in some of MAATS largest components; The spooling arm has had to be lengthened, so as to reach all areas of the larger basket, and the central hub assembly was upgraded to withstand the increase in forces from the larger load.

To accompany the carousel, MAATS will also be supplying a repositionable deck spread featuring a 30T tensioner, 4 deck rollers, tensioner control cabin and a container which includes all tensioner control equipment. The 30t tensioner is mounted 3m above the main deck on a stand designed by MAATS. This stand has the control cabin, a pair of deck chutes and the “control container” incorporated into the design and can be lifted as one complete unit for easy installation and removal on various vessels.

The carousel designs have been completed and the carousel is due to be delivered between April and August 2015.

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