KDDI Cable Infinity Carousel SystemDue for Completion 2019

Cable Lay Vessel ‘KDDI Cable Infinity’ is a state-of-the-art cable lay vessel intended for subsea cable installation of optical as well as power cable, adding versatility to the Vessel’s 5000t payload. A rotating carousel and spooling arm are installed in the forward tank to enable power cable storage and installation.

MAATS is supplying the following equipment for vessel launch from Colombo dockyard in 2019:

1 x 2000t Carousel c/w Control Equipment.

1x Telescopic Spooling Arm c/w HPU

1x Cable Lay Wheel


Carousel Specification:

Payload Capacity:              2000 tonnes.

Outside Diameter:              16m.

Centre Core Diameter:        4m at Base, 3m at top.

Height:                                Wall 3.8m, Core 4.5m.

Rotational speed                1200m/hr linear speed.

Bight Slot:                         Reposition one lattice wall panel.

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