Lewek Connector Deck EquipmentCompleted 2012

MAATS Tech was commissioned by an Aker Solutions subsidiary, Aker Marine Contractors AS, (now EMAS AMC AS) to design, manufacture and install a comprehensive package of equipment for the new-building Aker Connector (now the Lewek Connector). The equipment was required to be capable of handling either cable or flexible pipe products equally well.

Maats Tech Lewek Connector Deck Equipment

The scope of supply included:

  1. A 6000T capacity basket type carousel on-deck.
  2. Main load arm for the 6000T carousel.
  3. Semi-coiling load arm to allow simultaneous loading and unloading of two products from one basket.
  4. Core over-drum to increase core diameter for stiff products.
  5. Removable/ extendable partitions to divide the basket into two compartments.
  6. Scooter to allow simultaneous loading of inner and outer partitions.
  7. 10T twin track caterpillar tensioner.
  8. 3T auxiliary wheeled tensioner.
  9. 5T twin track caterpillar tensioner.
  10. Control cabins, stands and chutes for directing product as required.
  11. A 3000T capacity basket type carousel below deck.
  12. Loading arm for the 3000T carousel.
  13. Installation on board at a Norwegian shipyard.

The product was delivered on-time and on-budget and the ship completed her trials and was handed over to the operators in 2012. Her initial workload consisted of high voltage cable laying.

The completed vessel is shown in the photo below with the products supplied by MAATS labelled for visibility.

Maats Tech Lewek Connector Deck Equipment


  1. 6000 tonne carousel basket
  2. Main load arm
  3. Core overdrum
  4. Removable/extendable partition
  5. Semi coiling load arm
  6. Wheeled tensioner
  7. 10t tracked tensioner
  8. 5t tracked tensioner
  9. Stands and chutes
  10. Scooter for loading inner partition
  11. 3000t carousel and loading arm (not visible in picture, below deck)

Since launch, the Lewek Connector has successfully completed a number of power cable and flexible riser installation projects using the MAATS equipment, such as:

  • EirGrid East-West Interconnector project (EWIP), laying twin high voltage power cables between Ireland and Wales. The complete cable load of 9000 tons was laid in one single trip.
  • Dolwin, laying a 75 km DC power cable from the German coast to a grid of offshore wind farms.
  • Gudrun power cable, a 55 km HVAC cable between the Sleipner A GBS and the Gudrun Jacket in the North Sea.
  • Fram H Nord flexible pipes. Several large diameter flexible pipes laid between subsea structures in the North Sea.
  • Umblical installation in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Goliat power cable. 105 km long, 6000 tons of AC power cable for the electrification of the Goliat platform outside Hammerfest, Norway.
  • Troll A power cable, between the Troll A platform and shore.



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