Mezzanine DeckCompleted 2010

Mezzanine Deck for Layship


The scope of work covered the fabrication, detailed design, engineering, manufacture, testing and delivery of a complex mezzanine deck incorporating a variety of chutes for flexible pipe, deflectors and associated equipment. Design work included the production of fabrication drawings for structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and piping components.

The mezzanine deck was designed in modules suitable for transport from the fabrication site and was also designed to integrate with the existing equipment on-board the target vessel, the Skandi Vittoria.

A range of customer supplied equipment was assembled and integrated into the deck modules prior to transport to the ship. The completed modules were lifted onto barges for onward transport.

MAATS also designed, engineered and manufactured a 2000 tonne capacity carousel located underdeck on this vessel together with a 750 tonne capacity carousel mounted on deck. Both the 750 tonne carousel and the mezzanine deck can be seen on the below photograph taken during Skandi Vitoria’s sea trials. The areas worked on by MAATS are labelled for visibility.

Mezzanine Deck


  1. Mezzanine deck
  2. 750T capacity deck mounted carousel
  3. 2000T capacity underdeck carousel (not visible)
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