Nexans Aurora Full Deck Spread Lay EquipmentDue for Completion 2021

Nexans Aurora CLV is a state-of-the-art deepwater vessel intended for laying, recovery and repair of subsea HVDC and HVAC cable systems and with 2 firing lines adding versatility to the Vessel’s 10,000t payload. The carousel is an innovative concentric design which allows either 2 cables to be processed in parallel, or a single long length cable weighing 10,000t net. This minimises offshore jointing requirements which is a significant advantage technically and commercially. This will be the largest offshore carousel globally, when launched.
MAATS is supplying the following equipment for vessel launch from Ulstein shipyard in 2020

• 1 x 10,000t Concentric Carousel
• 2 x Load Arms and Roller Pathways
• 1 x 75t Capstan System
• 2 x 25t Horizontal Lay Systems
• 1 x 5t Horizontal Lay Systems
• 2 x 3t Horizontal Lay Systems
• 1 x Bundling System
• 2 x Lay Wheels
• 1 x Control System

A line drawing of the vessel deck is illustrated below with MAATS supplied equipment
highlighted in blue.

Maats Tech Case Study Nexans Aurora
Additional services include:

• FEA optimisation for equipment
• Deck layout design
• Design life of 25 years
• DNV-GL CLV classification
• Product diameter to 400mm

Nexans Aurora has its own dedicated website and it’s MAATS Tech supplied equipment can be explored in detail.

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