NKT Victoria Complete Cable Lay SpreadCompleted 2017

In 2017, MAATS delivered the carousel deck spread and cable management system to this vessel, subsequently named ‘Ship of the Year 2017’ due to its advanced functionality. The design followed a top loading product philosophy for ‘soft handling’ purposes and includes an integrated cable lay control system with regenerative tensioners. FEA analysis was performed on the complete vessel as well as all equipment to DNV Cable Lay Vessel notation.

The equipment included -

  • On-deck 7,000t carousel with gooseneck and LCE
  • Under-deck 4,500t carousel and spooling arm
  • 90t horizontal lay system comprising 2-off in-line or parallel tensioners with skidding
  • Underbender and all interim roller pathways
  • Full control system c/w SCADA and data logging


MAATS hardware scope shown in blue:

 MAATS hardware scope

You can see the NKT Victoria in action on this video.


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