Reel Dolly Base SystemCompleted 2014

The requirement for this project was for a system capable of mounting up to eight 9.2m diameter reels each of 50T weight when empty and 350T when full. Each reel was to be mounted on deck on four powered dolly bases together capable of 8T pull and a max pay-out / pay-in speed of 1200m/hour for loadout or lay support. The dolly bases were able to accommodate reel sizes from 7.8m to 9.2m diameter as required, without any adjustment to roller positions.

A variable frequency drive was supplied with each driven roller, allowing the rollers to be electronically coupled to ensure synchronous rotation without the use of mechanical axles, this allowing free access below the reels for passage of product.

The whole system is controlled by a portable radio control unit which can control reel speed and direction of rotation. Furthermore, each motor has an integral brake which is applied when a reel is static for more than 30secs.

Reel Dolly Base System

Dolly Base Technical Data

Roller Diameter:


Roller Width (not inc. flange):


Overall Roller Corner-Unit Dimensions:

2.2 x 0.98 x 1.29m



Reel Diameter:

7.8 - 9.4m

Reel Width (inside flanges):



Approx. Corner-Unit Weight:


Required Max Friction Coefficient (empty reel)

0.14 (Steel/Steel)

Max Line Tension:


Max Loadout/Lay Speed (at core):


Roller Rotational Speed:

0-16RPM (infinitely variable)

Max Roller Motor Power:


Max Roller Gearbox Output Torque:


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