Universal Carousel System (UCS)Completed 2004

This unit was a 2000 tonne capacity carousel designed for maximum flexibility. The system can work in either basket or reel mode.

Designed for on-deck operation, the system includes a tensioner mounted on a tower incorporating a considerable range of vertical and horizontal movement required for various spooling operations. The carousel sits on a grillage which attaches to the deck.

Universal Carousel System (UCS) Universal Carousel System (UCS)

The entire assembly can be removed and reassembled on other ships as required. A key requirement of the customer was for rapid mobilisation and demobilisation of the unit onto the ship or barge on which it was to be assembled. The unit can in fact be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 days and the second video demonstrates this process.

During the lifetime of the UCS, every time it was moved onto a different ship, MAATS engineers were called upon to perform an analysis of the interface between the carousel and the deck to ensure the new ship could withstand the forces caused by the assembly.

The UCS has now retired from ship use but continues to be used in reel mode onshore in England.

Universal Carousel System (UCS) Universal Carousel System (UCS)

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