Van Oord CLV Calypso

Full Deck Spread Lay Equipment for Van Oord CLV

Van Oord’s new build CLV, Calypso, is a 130m long hybrid vessel that has been designed with sustainable technologies in order to reduce the carbon foot print during operations and port standby.  The MAATS designed cable lay equipment includes a 5000T below deck carousel, a 4000T on deck carousel and was designed in close consultation with both Van Oord and vessel designers and builders, VARD Group AS.

This collaborative concepting started at the earliest stages with our FEA department assessing the integration of the MAATS designed equipment into the vessel design.  This ensures the equipment and vessel complement each other and the vessel preforms to the highest technical standards.

MAATS is supplying the following equipment for vessel launch from VARD and will be fully operational in 2023.

  • 5000 tonne Under-Deck Carousel (inc. Optical slip ring)
  • 4000 tonne On-Deck Carousel (inc. Optical slip ring)
  • Load Arm and 3te LCE for On-Deck Carousel
  • Support Tower for on Deck Load Arm
  • Electrical Cabinets (in accordance with) MAATS SLD
  • Under-Deck Carousel Spooling Equipment and 3Te Track Tensioner
  • 2off Stern Chutes
  • 2off 20t Tensioners (3off tensioner plinths)
  • Quadrant and Quadrant Lifting Equipment
  • Laying Control System
  • Raised Firing Line Platforms (Port and Starboard)
  • Cable Roller Pathways
  • Winches (25Te Quadrant Winch with MAATS Fleeting Device, 2off 3Te Tipping Winches, 1off Umbilical Winch, 6off Deck Capstan Winches)
  • DAMS System
  • Control Cabin
  • 2off HPUs
  • CPS Chutes