MAATS Tech assess new cable lay vessel for Salt Ship Design

MAATS Tech has been awarded a contract for the detailed finite element analysis of a new state-of-the-art Cable Lay Vessel to be built at Kleven shipyard in Norway for delivery in 2017. MAATS Tech finite element engineers have been working closely with the ship designers at Salt Ship Design to create a finite element model of the majority of the ship. A number of complex load combinations of varying severity were discussed and agreed and will be applied to the finite element model. Buckling of the ship will also be assessed. MAATS Tech will then advise Salt Ship Design of the stress levels and potential for panel buckling and suggest improvements where necessary. Once the ship is acceptable for all the agreed load combinations, MAATS Tech will work closely with Salt Ship Design to gain DNV class approval of the ship.

MAATS Tech Engineering department will also be supplying the ship with extensive cable lay mission equipment including a 7000T on deck carousel and a 4500T underdeck carousel which will both be included in the finite element model of the ship. The carousels and the rest of the equipment, which include 2x45T tensioners, 3x3T tensioners, loading arm and on deck product pathways, will be individually assessed and refined by MAATS Tech finite element engineers and will also gain DNV class approval.

About the author

MAATS Tech’s Engineering Consultancy division was established in 2010, to originally focus on offshore construction vessel design and analysis. The group has developed over the subsequent 6 years into an focused team of experienced engineers, not only in the offshore industry but also across all aspects of engineering, including, subsea, nuclear, mechanical, civil and medical.