MAATS Tech Assist James Fisher Defence on New Decompression Chamber

MAATS Tech has been awarded a contract for the finite element analysis of a proposed new deck decompression chamber for James Fisher Defence. The chamber consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel with three separate compartments, two of which are living compartments. MAATS Tech finite element engineers will create a finite element model of the decompression chamber to the specifications provided by James Fisher Defence. A number of operational and transit load cases have been agreed and will be used to assess the decompression chamber. The structural integrity of the chamber will be reviewed and if necessary, MAATS Tech will suggest improvements to the structure. The structural analysis will be undertaken in accordance with pressure vessel design code PD5500 for which the stress linearization approach will be used to obtain the relevant Tresca stress intensity components.

About the author

MAATS Tech’s Engineering Consultancy division was established in 2010, to originally focus on offshore construction vessel design and analysis. The group has developed over the subsequent 6 years into an focused team of experienced engineers, not only in the offshore industry but also across all aspects of engineering, including, subsea, nuclear, mechanical, civil and medical.