Engineering Analysis Consultancy : Services

MAATS Tech has a proven track record gained over several years successfully completing numerous engineering projects.
With over 6 years experience of providing Engineering Analysis services, we have expanded our capabilities and experience through careful recruitment and investment in the advanced analytical software.
Our growing team of project engineers are available to assist in aspects of the engineering analysis and all work is undertaken in accordance with ISO 9001. We can provide either a fixed price quotation or a day rate and we look forward to hearing from you.

Static :


  • Multiple load cases
  • Large assemblies
  • Fast solutions
  • Modal analysis

Dynamic :


  • Frequency response
  • Response spectrum
  • Impact / drop
  • Transient

Non-Linear :


  • Material non-linearity
  • Complex contact
  • Blast assessment
  • Hyper-elasticity

Thermal :


  • Steady state
  • Transient
  • Material dependency
  • Conduction/convection/radiation

Pressure Vessels :


  • Design Code assessment
  • Stress linearisation
  • Buckling
  • Plastic strain assessment

Fatigue :


  • S-N curves
  • BS 7608 assessment
  • DNV RCP-C206
  • Rain flow counting

Orcaflex :


  • Spooling simulation
  • Cable/pipe lay dynamics
  • Riser installation
  • Lift dynamics

Deck Equipment :


  • Product pathways
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Working practice
  • Crane positioning

Engineering Analysis Software

MAATS Tech is a licensed user of the following Engineering Software:-

  • NX Nastran and FEMAP: FEA software
  • Spaceclaim: Geometry repair and manipulation
  • MathCAD: Engineering mathematics software
  • Inventor: 3D CAD
  • AutoCAD: 2D CAD
  • NX: 3D CAD
  • SketchUp: 3D CAD

For more specialised projects the following software is also available:-

  • ANSYS: FEA Software for highly non-linear simulations
  • Orcaflex: For dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems