Extreme shock and vibration analysis

Dynamic analysis to replicate off-road conditions for multiple defence vehicles. Analyses negated the need for real testing, saving cost and time.


MAATS Tech have assisted on several projects for the defence industry including those for Dytecna Ltd. Dytecna supplied vehicle installation kits to the British Armed Forces for platforms such as the Jackal 2 and Husky armoured vehicles. The kits were mainly rack assemblies, constructed from aluminium and steel, and were populated with communication and countermeasure hardware.  For maritime platforms, MAATS were able to assist Dytecna with our marine engineering expertise.


Defence Standard 00-35 and MIL-STD-810 were referenced for the various scenarios. MAATS worked closely with Dytecna engineers to address issues and achieve the best solutions. The critical factors were weight, durability and protection of the hardware. MAATS analysed and optimised the kits for customer acceptance against the extreme shock and vibration conditions experienced during operations. The platforms ranged from off-road vehicles to high speed boats.