Design assessment and optimisation for advanced materials, devices and implants.


With Finite Element Analysis becoming a key element in both the design process and regulatory submissions of medical devices and implants; MAATS can offer a comprehensive analysis service using state of the art software. MAATS engineers can provide detailed numerical analysis of composite materials. Previous projects have included the assessment of Carbon Fibre and Glass Fibre Reinforced materials.


  • Humeral implants and the interaction of each design with the surrounding musculoskeletal structure.
  • Inter-vertebral disc implants; analysing the lumbar region for axial static stresses and fatigue.
  • Cannulas and catheters; assessment of critical buckling and plastic collapse.
  • Cardiovascular stents and valves; investigation of material behaviour due to a pulsatile load, coupled with the effect of fatigue and nonlinear viscoplasticity.