Pump System

Harsh Environment captured through advanced dynamic analysis techniques.


MAATS Tech were asked to assess the structural performance of three new injection pump skids and associated noisehoods which were being designed and supplied by a client to be delivered to the BP Shah Deniz Platform. Each of the three assemblies consisted of a steel base supporting a motor, pump, gearbox, resonator chambers, associated high pressure pipework and miscellaneous equipment housed within a noisehood.


Initially only the steel base and noisehood for each assembly were assessed with the internal contents simplified. A number of static load cases including operational, seismic and lifting were discussed and agreed with the client and the assemblies were assessed for all the cases. Some modifications were recommended to reduce any high stresses and once the stresses were acceptable for all the static cases, a dynamic blast case was analysed. A non-linear material was used and plastic deformation was assessed to check if the structure would maintain its integrity and remain connected.