• CLV in pier.jpeg

    MAATS Completes Cable Lay Installation on Japanese Vessel

    MAATS Tech have completed the final commissioning and documentation stages of the cable equipment supply to Columbo Dockyard PLC. The carousel was installed below the main deck of the VARD 9-01 vessel design within the contracted delivery period. The…

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  • Jon Alsten-Nexans and Jarle Åsemyr-Ulstein-banner.jpg

    MAATS Celebrate Nexans Milestone Steel Cut

    MAATS Tech are pleased to share the news that Nexans have reported the first steel has been cut on the Nexans Aurora project.  MAATS are supplying a full cable lay spread on the vessel including a 10,000Te Concentric Carousel able to process 2 cables…

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    MAATS Matters December 2018

    Take a look at the latest MAATS Matters newsletter for all the most recent activity from contract signatures to upcoming events. View the December 2018 edition.   If you would like to subscribe to MAATS Matters, please sign up here or email enquiri…

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    MAATS Win Contract for Subsea 7 Seven Waves Dry Docking

    MAATS have been awarded a major contract to provide technical and software assistance during the dry docking of the Subsea 7 vessel Seven Waves in 2019.  In 2014 MAATS completed design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for the flexible lay…

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    MAATS Matters September 2018

    Take a look at the latest MAATS Matters newsletter for all the most recent activity from contract signatures to upcoming exhibitions we are attending. View the September 2018 edition  If you would like to subscribe to MAATS Matters, please sign up h…

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    MAATS Matters July 2018

    Take a look at the latest MAATS Matters newsletter for all the most recent activity from contract signatures to upcoming exhibitions we are attending. View the July 2018 edition  If you would like to subscribe to MAATS Matters, please sign up here o…

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  • ST297CLV_lavt-fraSideSB-sjø_04.jpg

    Worlds Biggest Vessel Carousel Underway

    MAATS is delighted to confirm it has been awarded the supply of a ground breaking deck spread by Nexans. The scope will be installed on a state of the art cable lay vessel 'Nexans Aurora' scheduled for launch by 2021. The main item is a 10,000te cabl…

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  • Active Chute Cable Lay (002).jpg

    New Product - Vessel Enabler

    MAATS recently received a patent for their latest new product innovation - A Vessel Enabler. This modular chute design enables high tension horizontal cable lay in deep water, eliminating the need for a vertical lay tower or vertical lay system. It…

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    MAATS MATTERS - January 2018

    MAATS Tech Ltd recently issued their first E Newsletter called MAATS Matters. The newsletter includes recent contract awards and completions, as well as their active product development program. It will be sent every month or two, and will remain con…

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  • P3696-SK-0001E Riser & Bouyancy Module Lay Spread RDS_1.jpg

    New product – a horizontal, modular alternative to the Vertical Lay Tower

    We are pleased to announce we have been granted patent cover for this potentially game changing product - The Horizontal Lay Spread. Traditionally, attachment of buoyancy modules to flexible pipeline is done in conjunction with a vertical lay tower i…

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  • 1976_i fart.jpg

    MAATS Tech Sign Contract with Colombo Dockyard PLC

    MAATS Tech Ltd have signed a Contract with Colombo Dockyard PLC to design and install a 2000te carousel on a newbuild vessel for Japanese cable installer KCS using a Vard 9 01 vessel design. MAATS worked closely with Vard, CDPLC and their client duri…

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    MAATS Tech Featured in September Edition of EME Outlook Magazine

    MAATS Tech are very proud to be featured in the September edition of the magazine EME Outlook. The article talks about the many achievements of MAATS in the last year, including supplying equipment to the NKT Victoria, the vessel that won the prestig…

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  • nkt-cable-laying-vessel-4-702x336.png

    MAATS Tech Completes £22m State of the Art Cable Laying Vessel Project

    MAATS Tech Limited, the marine engineering consultancy specialising in bespoke carousel and deck handling systems, is celebrating the successful completion of the NKT Victoria, a world-class cable lay vessel (CLV).  The ship was delivered by the Klev…

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  • MAATS Tech Wins Place in Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 League Table.jpg

    MAATS Tech Wins Place in Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 League Table

    MAATS Tech have been placed in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table which ranks Britain's private companies with the fastest-growing sales. MAATS Tech is one of nine new entrants to the league table in the southeast. Since the first le…

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  • MAATS Tech Ltd to deliver cable lay mission equipment for new ABB Cable Lay Vessel.jpg

    MAATS Tech Ltd to deliver cable lay mission equipment for new ABB Cable Lay Vessel

    ABB Ltd have ordered a new state-of-the-art Cable Lay Vessel to be built at Kleven shipyard in Norway for delivery in 2017. MAATS Tech have been working closely with ABB, Kleven and the ship designers Salt Ship to develop a fit for purpose highly …

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  • DSME Ships sail from Korea.jpg

    DSME Ships sail from Korea

    The second and final DSME vessel has been signed off and has set sail from Korea containing successfully installed MAATS flexible pipe storage equipment. The two ships, Top Coral do Atlantico and Top Estrela Do Mar, are new-build ships manufactured i…

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  • Kleven Ship Viking Neptun Launched.jpg

    Kleven Ship Viking Neptun Launched

    Viking Neptun, the Norwegian ship, has been successfully launched from the Kleven shipyard. Viking Neptun is a new-build ship for which MAATS was commissioned to design and build a carousel system. MAATS can now begin installing the deck equipment w…

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  • SevenWavessailsforBrazil.jpg

    Seven Waves sails for Brazil

    Seven Waves, the first of eleven new PLSV vessels commissioned by various leading offshore contractors and containing Maats flexible pipe storage equipment has sailed to Brazil and is due to start work on 28th April 2014. The ship contains a 2500T un…

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  • 3000t carousel commissioned for existing vessel.jpg

    3000t carousel commissioned for existing vessel

    Maats has been awarded a contract by a leading offshore contractor to supply a 3,000t capacity below-deck carousel system including a 15t capacity load out tensioner and associated deck pathway equipment, for an existing vessel.  Whilst the recent f…

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  • Petrobras PLSV Phase 2.png

    Petrobras PLSV Phase 2

    Petrobras has ordered a further six pipelay support vessels from the international market to complement the first phase of five ordered in 2012.  Each of these vessels will be supplied with one 2,500t capacity carousel system and one 1,500t carousel …

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  • Subsea-7-HCV.jpg

    Subsea 7 HCV

    Maats has been contracted to design and build a 7,000 tonne carousel system and associated loadout equipment by Hyundai Heavy Industries of Korea for a vessel ordered by Subsea 7. In addition to providing the carousel equipment, Maats is liaising wi…

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  • Norwegian Owners.jpg

    Norwegian Owners

    Maats has been commissioned to design and build carousel systems for new-buildings at two different Norwegian shipyards. The first is a 2,000 tonne unit with centrally mounted spooling arm for delivery in the first quarter of 2014.  The second is a …

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  • Petrobras PLSV Fleet.png

    Petrobras PLSV Fleet

    The Brazilian state oil company Petrobras has awarded long term charters for a fleet of five new pipelay support vessels for delivery in 2014 to some of the major subsea construction operators.  Maats has been contracted by each of these operators to…

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  • Skandi Niteroi.jpg

    Skandi Niteroi

    The pipe laying vessel "Skandi Niteroi" sailed from Le Havre at the end of July 2011 following completion of the installation of a 2000Te Carousel, two 15Te tensioners and ancillary deck mounted equipment, including an adjustable chute for feeding th…

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  • 2000t Carousel System Order.jpg

    2000t Carousel System Order

    Techdof, a joint venture between the major subsea operators Technip and Dof, has ordered a 2000 tonne capacity carousel system for installation below deck on the new-build vessel Skandi Niteroi. For this turnkey project, Maats will supply the carous…

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  • maats-tech-ltd-wins-major-carousel-contracts-from-aker-solutions - Copy.jpg

    Maats Tech Ltd wins major carousel contracts from Aker Solutions

    Maats Tech Ltd has signed two contracts with an Aker Solutions group company for the supply of a 3000 tonne capacity below deck carousel system and a 6000 tonne on-deck carousel system for the new-build Aker Connector installation vessel. The turnke…

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  • New Contract Awarded.jpg

    New Contract Awarded

    MAATS has been awarded a contract for the repair and refurbishment of a 1600T carousel system previously supplied by the company some time ago. A fire started in the carousel hold of the host vessel, the Acergy Falcon, while it was in drydock. As a r…

    22 April 2010 Read More
  • Mezzanine Deck Fabrication Completed.jpg

    Mezzanine Deck Fabrication Completed

    Fabrication of a complex mezzanine deck incorporating multiple product chutes, work platforms etc. has recently completed and the deck has been shipped to Brazil for installation on a new-build vessel for the customer, a major offshore contracting gr…

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  • delivery-of-2000-tonne-carousel-system.jpg

    Delivery of 2000 Tonne Carousel System

    MAATS delivered its most recent carousel system during 2009 to another major offshore contracting group. The system comprised a 2000 tonne capacity unit for installation below deck, a spooling arm for deploying product within the carousel and a fifte…

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