2000t Carousel System Order

1 September 2010

Techdof, a joint venture between the major subsea operators Technip and Dof, has ordered a 2000 tonne capacity carousel system for installation below deck on the new-build vessel Skandi Niteroi.
For this turnkey project, Maats will supply the carousel basket together with an electrical drive system, control cabin and hydraulically powered loading arm.  Maats will also supply 15 tonne line pull electrically driven load out tensioners for handling the product, initially flexible pipe.  In addition, Maats will also supply control cabins for each tensioner together with the appropriate mounting arrangements and an adjustable chute to guide product from above deck to the under-deck carousel.

As well as the equipment ordered by Techdof, MAATS have also given assistance with the configuration and design of the dual spooling routes of which their tensioners form part.

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