MAATS Completes Cable Lay Installation on Japanese Vessel

28th June 2019

MAATS Tech have completed the final commissioning and documentation stages of the cable equipment supply to Columbo Dockyard PLC. The carousel was installed below the main deck of the VARD 9-01 vessel design within the contracted delivery period. The total scope included a 2,000te rated fibre/power cable carousel, a spooling arm to assist with carousel packing, and a stern laywheel. The vessel will primarily be used for fibre optic lay by the Japanese operator Kokusai Cable Ship, however several innovative features allow the carousel to be used either as a fibre tank, or as a power cable carousel. MAATS Business Director Gavin Rippe commented ‘The equipment design not only allows the operator to execute its core business of offshore fibre optic installation, but also to easily convert to subsea power cable lay as well. In November 2018, Japanese Parliament approved an act to promote the use of offshore renewable energy generation’.