MAATS Tech Completes Installation of Deck Lay Equipment on CLV Nexans Aurora

16th April 2021

The installation of the MAATS Tech cable lay equipment package onboard cable laying vessel (CLV) Nexans Aurora has been completed.

The MAATS Tech team installed and tested the package which includes the carousel, loading arms, access tower and control cabin at the Ulstein Verft shipyard.

The equipment will now undergo commissioning to ensure the system is in perfect working order.

Nexans signed a deal with Ulstein Verft for the construction of Nexans Aurora back in July 2018. Shortly after, it was announced that MAATS Tech will supply a deck spread.

Ulstein began the construction of Nexans Aurora in February last year, while delivery is due this year.

Its first assignment will be the installation of the export cables at the 1,075 MW Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland.