MAATS Win Contract for Subsea 7 Seven Waves Dry Docking

12 December 2018

MAATS have been awarded a major contract to provide technical and software assistance during the dry docking of the Subsea 7 vessel Seven Waves in 2019.  In 2014 MAATS completed design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for the flexible lay basket carousel storage and loading arm system.  The equipment consisted of two below deck carousels – 2500te and 1500Te - with spooling arms and the associated deck lay spread equipment including 2x 30te tensioners. 

The vessel and equipment has been working excellently offshore Brazil ever since and is now due its 5 year dry docking for essential maintenance in Brazil. 

This contract is sentiment to the excellent working relationship that MAATS shares with Subsea 7 and is a great opportunity for MAATS to provide ongoing support with a valued client.

MAATS have been supplying carousels and deck spread and deployment systems since 1987 and are a recognised name for quality and reliability in the industry.

MAATS Managing Director Lisa Edwards recognises the importance of close client relationships in the offshore industry, “our support to the client and their operations does not stop after completion of the project but becomes part of our aftersales philosophy throughout the lifecycle of the vessel and its equipment”.

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