New product – a horizontal, modular alternative to the Vertical Lay Tower

9 January 2018

We are pleased to announce we have been granted patent cover for this potentially game changing product - The Horizontal Lay Spread. Traditionally, attachment of buoyancy modules to flexible pipeline is done in conjunction with a vertical lay tower incorporating a hold back tensioner system. This is the natural choice for a vessel already equipped with such a system, however installing a vertical lay tower onto an existing vessel is a significant exercise, due to the size and weight of the tower, the effects of which are increased with product tension. The development enables a much simpler, modular format, and has been designed to be usable with a vessel of opportunity, such as an anchor handler (AHTS) equipped with an A frame.

Key Benefits
• Easily mobilised onto any vessel and stern shape
• Designed for Anchor Handler—vessel of opportunity
• Eliminates expensive, complex, retro-fit of VLT
• Work area is safely inboard

Product Considerations
• Major MBR 7m—minor MBR 3.8m
• Any diameter pipeline or module
• Any pitch of module, module may be ‘off pitch’

Vessel Considerations
• Deck area L = 30m W = 15m, A frame
• Termination management via A frame
• Works with existing RDS and tensioner system
• Electric drives linked to holdback system
• MAATS engineering assists with vessel and controls mods

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