MAATS Tech specialises in the provision of bespoke carousel systems for specialist ship requirements. Carousels handle flexible pipe, umbilicals, power cables and can even accommodate chain if specified at the design stage.

MAATS Tech is a world leader in carousel systems having supplied about 50 individually designed carousels to around 30 different vessels over the years, including those on the order book. All of these carousels are ship-based installations and can be situated either on the deck or below the deck of the ship. They range in size from 500T to 7000T product capacity and have an aggregate capacity of around 100,000T of product.

Carousels are usually either a basket type (with perimeter wall) or reel type (without a wall), though in some cases a combination unit can be provided which can be used in either mode depending upon product requirements. All carousels are individually designed to cater the requirements of each customer and specific vessel characteristics.

Maats Tech Carousels Maats Tech


Loading Arms:

Each carousel is accompanied by a spooling system, custom designed to fit the carousel, in order to load the product in and out. The majority of the spooling systems are in the form of a spooling arm at the centre of the carousel. The spooling arm is attached to the centre pillar and has a completely articulate boom arm which guides the product and is able to rotate 360°. The spooling arm is hydraulically powered and remotely controlled by a user in a control cabin who also controls the carousel speed.

Maats Tech Loading Arms Carousels Maats Tech Loading Arms


Overdrums/ Product separators:

A range of overdrums and product separators have been supplied with many of the carousels at various diameters around the core. Overdrums are used to increase the diameter of the permanent carousel core diameter when handling stiffer products, so as to increase the minimum bend radius the product will experience. These can be designed to be skinned like most cores, or with a lighter lattice structure. Unlike overdrums, product separators are not load bearing, and are used to separate different products within the volume of the carousel.

Maats Tech Overdrums/ Product separators Maats Tech Carousels Overdrums/ Product separators


MAATS Tech also provide a Finite Element model of the carousel and the associated vessel’s deck in survival conditions as part of our standard carousel engineering design package.

Maats Tech Carousels

To accompany the carousels, MAATS has extensive experience designing and building associated over-boarding and load-out equipment, further details are available in Tensioners and Other products.