Other Products

In addition to the highly successful product lines of carousels and tensioners, MAATS Tech also provides associated products generally concerned with flexible pipe or power cable storage and handling. Such products include:

Horizontal Deployment Systems

MAATS Tech has designed a selection of new systems allowing horizontal deployment and recovery of a range of products with an optional module attachment /detachment area.  The modular chutes enable high tension cable lay in deep water eliminating the need for a vertical lay tower or system. The systems may be used on a low cost vessel of opportunity and reduce the weight and cost impact of a retrofitted VLS.

 Maats Tech Horizontal Deployment SystemsMaats Tech Horizontal Deployment SystemsMaats Tech Horizontal Deployment Systems 

Loading Towers and Product Pathways

The company has designed and built a variety of loading towers and loading arms for delivering product to on-deck carousel installations. The company also supplies product pathways comprising gutters, roller pathways and deflectors as required.

Maats Tech Loading Towers and Product Pathways Other Products Maats Tech Loading Towers and Product Pathways Other Products


MAATS Tech also supplies dollybase systems for deck mounted reels. Systems delivered by the company can store up to 2400 tonnes of flexible pipe product on eight 9.2m diameter reels and can be operated with smaller and larger reel sizes as required.

Maats Tech Dollybases Other Products Maats tech Dollybases Other Products

Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

MAATS Tech has also designed and built A frames systems of up to 250T capacity. Together with associated sheaves. Worktables have also been supplied together with bespoke equipment such as chain tensioners and other chain handling equipment for particular applications.

Maats Tech Launch and Recovery System LARS Other Products