Engineering Analysis Consultancy : Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

MAATS Tech’s overall aim is to be a leader in engineering consultancy. The company is committed to providing its clients with cost-effective services and project management, delivered with a HSE and quality-conscious ethos. The implementation and maintenance of an appropriate Quality Management System (QMS) is a key part of the company.

MAATS Tech continuously review our procedures to improve our work flow. In addition we are also subjected to third parties reviews on every project encompassing high level QA procedures down to technical documentation.


Quality Policy

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Quality Certificate

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Engineering Analysis Quality Process

This process map describes the requirements for performing Engineering Analysis and subsequent checking of analysis work performed as part of a design project or work that forms a project in its own right.

This process is applicable to all those engaged in Engineering Analysis who work for MAATS Tech Ltd and details the procedures for FEA work on behalf of outside clients and internal projects.

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External Audits by:

MAATS Tech has been subject to  both external QA audits and technical reviews by the following organisations :-