Engineering Analysis Consultancy : Offshore and Subsea

MAATS Tech engineers have extensive experience in the design and analysis of offshore and sub-sea systems. This was achieved through detailed engineering and extensive non-linear finite element analysis carried out in accordance with a variety of codes of practice, including BS 8010, ANSI B31, & DNV OS-F101. We have practical experience in the following analytical techniques:-



  • Structural design and optimization via analytical assessment and FE analysis in accordance with DNV standards.
  • Geotechnical investigations including pile-to-soil interaction via complex non-linear material FE models.
  • Dynamic response of structures to seismic and wind loads.
  • Blast assessment of top-side equipment via transient material non-linear analyses



  • Detailed non-linear material and geometry analysis to calculate plastic strains applying limit-state design principals.
  • Local impact effects and dynamic assessment of trawling gear passing over pipelines.
  • Assessment of sub-sea and onshore tie-in spools involving anisotropic sliding sea-bed contact.
  • Analysis of pipeline bulkheads in accordance with ASME VIII.
Offshore and Subsea

Project News


MAATS Tech provide technical support to Calder Pressure Systems for structural blast assessment.


MAATS Tech undertake decompression chamber analysis for JFD.


MAATS Tech provide assistance to Trelleborg for a potential subsea buoyancy module.

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