MAATS Tech specialises in the provision of tailored carousel systems

MAATS Tech specialises in the provision of carousel systems for specialist ship requirements. Carousels handle flexible pipe, umbilicals, power cables and can even accommodate chain if specified at the design stage.

MAATS Tech is a world leader in carousel systems having supplied over 50 individually designed carousels to around 30 different vessels over the years, including those on the order book. All of these carousels are ship-based installations and can be situated either on the deck or below the deck of the ship. They range in size from 500T to 10000T product capacity and have an aggregate capacity of around 100,000T of product.

Carousels are usually either a basket type (with perimeter wall) or reel type (without a wall), though in some cases a combination unit can be provided which can be used in either mode depending upon product requirements. All carousels are individually designed to cater the requirements of each customer and specific vessel characteristics.

Specialised functionality can be achieved through close client collaboration to produce industry leading designs such as on the Nexans Aurora.