Horizontal Deployment Systems

MAATS Tech continued Research and Development has resulted in the introduction to the market of our new Horizontal Lay system, The Active Chute™. Providing the operational function of horizontal deployment and recovery of a range of products types with the additional ability to install and launch CPS and buoyancy modules. 

The Active Chute™ is a vessel enabler for high tension cable lay and recovery in deep water and compared to a VLS has the following clear advantages:

  • Lower CAPEX cost
  • Lower impact on vessel stability (no need to counter ballast)
  • Significantly smaller deck foot print
  • Lower weight
  • Utilises significantly less cable bend budget
  • Can provide limited assistance to tensioners
  • Designed to work with the MAATS Deepwater Hang Off Clamp
  • All the functionality of a traditional flared chute for shallow water low tension operations e.g. high off lead and layback angles maintaining product MBR or better