Other Products

MAATS turnkey design and engineering continues

Vertical Lay System

The MAATS vertical lay system design was born as a vertical alternative to the highly successful MAATS 90te horizontal lay spread supplied in 2017.  The engineering comprises of wide opening tensioners, a top radius controller to control the product, A&R winch traction, a work table with gantry hoists for module handling, a telescopic crane for termination management and centralisers and hang off clamp.

The tower may be used for flexible pipeline, deepwater power cable or control umbilical and products may be easily interchanged between lay operations.  MAATS also provides deck stress analysis, grillage design and, as expected of MAATS, a bespoke deck spread as needed.


The MAATS Tech Capstan utilises a fully mechanical solution, requiring no hydraulic control.  The Capstan can accommodate a wide range of product diameters, can be used for cable or umbilical, and has the capability to allow large end terminations to pass through the product path on deck unhindered. Rotating knives enable both lay and recovery of cable in deep water, with a maximum line tension of 75 tonnes.  The Capstan can be used in conjunction with tracked & wheeled tensioners which provide hold-back tension. Reactive tensioner positioning can offer automatic adjustment to suit the fleeting of cable as it enters and exits the capstan drum, and drive redundancy ensures minimum downtime during vessel operations.

Loading Towers & Product Pathways

MAATS turnkey deck lay solutions cover every aspect of the mission critical equipment required.  From loading towers, articulated product pathways and winches to bundling containers and control cabins.

The company has designed and manufactured a variety of loading towers and loading arms for delivering product to on deck carousel installations.

This capability to provide a complete turnkey lay system negates the need to use separate suppliers for the lay system on board the vessel, streamlining the processes and reducing costs.


MAATS Tech dollybase system for deck mounted reels has been designed for up to 2400 tonnes of flexible pipe product on eight 9.2m diameter reels and can be operated with smaller and larger reel sizes as required.